The MetalWorks

Fusion Homes needed a way to showcase their new development project, a new urban village called ‘The MetalWorks’ in Guelph, Ontario.

We created a responsive website illustrating their story by using social media as the forefront of the user experience.

Utilizing live twitter and Instragram feeds and interactive media such as videos and slideshows, we were able to capture large amounts of user attention and hype leading up to the launch of the village.

Created at Blackjet Inc

Technologies Used:
jQuery | Dropkick.js | HTML5 + CSS3 (SASS) | Responsive Design


Web app built specifically for foosball enthusiasts everywhere.

Using ReactJs and firebase, we built a web and mobile application that generates bracket style playoff scenarios and tracks scores & rankings to find out who is the best of the best at foosball at Tamm+Kit.

Technologies Used:
React.js | Firebase | jQuery | HTML5 + CSS3 (SCSS) | Responsive Design

Created at:

Tamm+Kit (Agency promotion)

WaterWise Coffee

Created in partnership with Mother Parkers, WaterWise coffee is a commitment to improving lives, ecology and economies through water related projects.

To promote their seven part documentary filmed in Africa, we created an interactive web experience using a Wordpress build, with each page showcasing a different aspect of the documentary.

The website was an integral part of the Waterwise project, raising awareness through social media and driving people to donate. ($21,015 raised to date)

Created at Dashboard

Technologies Used:
Wordpress | jQuery | HTML5 + CSS3 (SCSS) | Responsive Design

Viamede Resort

Viamede Resorts came to us facing a catastrophic problem; people were visiting their website but were'nt following through with bookings.

To remedy this, we created a user experience using a ‘show-don’t-tell’ design philosophy, using high quality photography to serve users a truly immersive visual and sensory experience.

Rebuilding the site on WordPress, we replaced the original site's expressionless, static design with interactive, modular content, leading to a steady increase in bookings and sales.

Created at Tamm+Kit/a>

Technologies Used:
Wordpress | jQuery | HTML5 + CSS3 (SCSS) | Responsive Design

Eat This. Drink That.

Hungry? Thirsty? Hungry and Thirsty at the same time?

Eat This. Drink That. is an web app created to help people choose where to go out using randomized food and drink pairings. Using the yellow pages API, the app generates a list of restaurants and bars based on what foods and drinks you're craving at the time.

Fight thirst, hunger and decision fatigue all at once, using this simple and intuitive app.

Technologies Used:
APIs + AJAX | jQuery | HTML5 + CSS3 (SCSS) | Responsive Design